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Air Conditioning Tips for the Summer

  1. Get your Air Conditioner Serviced Early - The #1 tip is to get your AC serviced early each year! Don't wait till mid-summer when it's the hottest day and your AC stops working. If you wait, it can leave you with no AC during the year's hottest months. Instead, save your sanity (and money) by having your AC serviced early.

  2. Get any Problems Checked ASAP - If your AC is working but seems to not be working as well as it normally does, get it checked before a small problem becomes a big problem. If you wait, that small thing that could've been fixed easily, ends up costing you hundreds of dollars. Common problems include - Increased energy costs without increased usage, Frequent system cycling, an iced-up compressor, and new alarming sounds.

  3. Check Your Air Filters Monthly during Peak Seasons - It is a good habit to have to check your air filters monthly on your to-do list. When they get dirty or clogged, the system has to work harder to draw in enough air. Old air filters not only increase energy use but put a strain on the system. Checking your air filter is the easiest way to keep your system in top-notch condition.

  4. Keep the Area Around the Condenser Unit Clear - If your outdoor condensing unit is surrounded by plants and debris, it won't be as efficient. Take the time to clear away any dirt and debris. This helps allow the proper airflow around the unit and improve air conditioning efficiency throughout your home.

  5. Shade the Condenser - Another simple way to keep your unit working in top-notch condition is to set up something to shade your condenser. If the condenser has direct heat and sunlight, it gets hot. The hotter it gets, the harder it has to work. Just remember not to block airflow.

  6. Keep Doors and Windows Closed - Every time the kids rush out to play and leave the back door open or you crack a window, you're letting the conditioned air out and the hot air in. Your AC is forced to cycle on and work harder to maintain a comfortable air temperature.

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