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  • 1 h
  • $118.00 per hour
  • North 4th Street

Service Description

Commercial Ice Machine Maintenance: Ice is used in almost every food service setting, from restaurants, bars, cafeterias, and coffee shops, to nursing homes, hospitals, and healthcare facilities. Ice is such an important part of food service, it’s important to keep your ice machine clean. Often, ice machines are some of the dirtiest pieces of equipment in the kitchen. Save Money! Professional maintenance and cleaning will keep vital ice machine components working, which can save you from expensive ice machine repair costs. Increase the life of the equipment! Ice machines are often neglected, but if you show them the proper care they deserve, they will serve you well for years. Prevent Contamination of Viruses, Mold, and Bacteria! Maintaining good ice machine maintenance prevents the spread of viruses, mold, and bacteria from spreading in the ice. It's healthy and hygienic! It's a healthy habit to maintain restaurant equipment. Proper maintenance includes sanitization, which ensures the food you're serving isn't compromised. Also, health codes set by the FDA encourage regular cleanups and equipment maintenance.

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