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  • 1 h
  • $118.00 per hour
  • North 4th Street

Service Description

Restaurant Equipment Maintenance: Save Money! Restaurant equipment is expensive, and so are serious repairs. Regular maintenance helps catch problems before they become bigger problems. Poorly maintained equipment uses more energy, which will increase your energy bills. Keeping your equipment regularly maintained keeps it working in top-notch condition. Help sustain the speed of operations! Equipment doesn't only impact food quality, it affects the speed of operations in the kitchen. Depreciated equipment means slower preparation and more time-consuming work. Increase the life of the equipment! Normal wear and tear of equipment are given when running a busy business. Regular maintenance makes sure that there's no extra premature damage that's not anticipated. Spotting minor damages and fixing them immediately averts significant damage and cost. Helps maintain the food quality! The condition of your equipment directly impacts the condition of your food. Even with the best chefs in the kitchen, they can only do so much with the tools they're using if they're not up to snuff. However, if the equipment is well-maintained, it will be able to work top-notch and your chefs will be able to thrive. It's healthy and hygienic! It's a healthy habit to maintain restaurant equipment. Proper maintenance includes sanitization, which ensures the food you're serving isn't compromised. Also, health codes set by the FDA encourage regular cleanups and equipment maintenance. Call now at (208)-676-0667

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